Looking for a Simple Way to Encourage Your Child to Draw a Cute Unicorn?

Introducing the ‘Grid Method’ that allows you to draw anything in the right proportions!

>>>SIDE NOTE: (If you’re like me and my daughters, you love all-things pink, ‘shimmer & shine’ and glitter! You Will LOVE What’s On This Page!)

Here’s Exactly what you’ll receive in this post:

The “trick” is to break your project down, step by step…

This approach helped my children and art club members learn how to draw pictures they were super-proud of in under 20 minutes!

They also went on to use the same fun technique with many of their other drawings!

So now it’s time for you and your child to try this easy & joyful guide & enjoy the process… just copy the instructions below! πŸ¦„

Before you start sketching, here are a few things you need to prepare. (All very easy prep!)

Gather together your materials. So, grab your pencils, eraser, felt-tipped pens, and your paper. Your paper will depend on how your child wants to colour in his/her design afterwards.

For example, it might be lovely to paint your unicorn in watercolour. So in that case, use some lovely, thick watercolour paper. Otherwise, drawing paper will do, for sketching, or use thicker paper if you intend to glue glitter and gems and feathers on afterwards!

Following is A ‘Quick-View’ Of All the Steps.

Feel free to download and print the ‘Smart Process Plan’ out! Simply right-click and ‘save-as’ to your computer.

Right-click & ‘save-as’ to your computer

Next, right-click and ‘save-as’ the blank & filled grids (or follow along with them on your tablet, phone or computer).

You’ll need to lightly draw a grid on your paper, so create the grid as below. (Make sure your lines are light as you’ll need to rub them out afterwards).

Right-click & ‘save-as’ to your computer

Now you’re ready to start! Enjoy! Sarah πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸŽ¨

Step 1: Draw Your Unicorn’s Head

Lightly, with your pencil, sketch your unicorn’s nose and her/his neck in grid 4…

Right-click & ‘save-as’ to your computer

Remember to sketch LIGHTLY so you can erase anything you don’t like. I personally don’t believe there are any ‘mistakes’ in art. 😍 Some of the best paintings in the world came about after ‘happy accidents’!

(I’ve watched a lot of ‘The Joy Of Painting’ hosted by Bob Ross!)

I recommend when a child gets a little frustrated when they feel they’ve made a ‘mistake’, try a soothing voice and ask your child to think of ways they can add their ‘happy accident’ into their unicorn picture.

Relax and let the drawing unfold naturally, trying not to pressure yourselves with trying to draw an exact replica of the example unicorn. I believe you and your child can create an even more magical one in your most amazing style!

Step 2: Start Creating Your Unicorn’s Fabulous Main!

Next, lightly sketch the unicorn’s main in grids 1, 2, 4 & 5…

Right-click & ‘save-as’ to your computer

Your child can have freedom here to create a curly main, a zig-zaggy main or a main like the one in my example.

Unicorns are free-beings… encourage your child to create the most enchanting, free-spirited main!

Step 3: Magical Eyes & Nose…

Now add your unicorn’s eye, eyelashes and nose in grid 4.

Right-click & ‘save-as’ to your computer

Ask your child how they think they may like to colour-in their unicorn after they’ve drawn it?

Perhaps they could add glitter to the unicorn’s eyelids, sparkly gems to her main…?

Step 4: Next, add your unicorn’s ear… she/he needs that to hear her magical friends calling her/him…

Right-click & ‘save-as’ to your computer

How to draw animals

Step 5: Draw More of her/his main and the sparkly horn…

πŸ¦„You’ll never guess how unicorns receive their EXTRA-magical messages from their homeland… through their shimmery horns, of course! πŸ˜€

Right-click & ‘save-as’ to your computer

Step 6: Here, you can go wild and create a fantastical hairdo!

The BEST way to look fabulous is to have a fabulous hairdo! πŸ’You and your child can give your unicorn that gift!

Right-click & ‘save-as’ to your computer

Remember, as you get into the flow of drawing, keep sketching lightly.

✏️You don’t want to be trying to erase deep craters left behind by the dug-in pencil lead!

Step 7: Your unicorn needs her/his front legs, too…

Right-click & ‘save-as’ to your computer

She’s really coming together now, isn’t she?

Step 8: And now sketch his/her back legs…

Right-click & ‘save-as’ to your computer

πŸ’ƒEvery single step takes you closer to completing your lovely, super-cute unicorn…

Step 9: Draw her/his tail…

Right-click & ‘save-as’ to your computer

There are so many combinations of tail styles that you’ve never even thought of – (in unicorn land)πŸ¦„

… Curly ones, stripey ones, frizzy ones, blingy ones, dazzling ones…

Some are made of glitter, some of gems, some of rainbows and some made from the spirits of long-lost friends…

Step 10: Add to his/her tail…

Right-click & ‘save-as’ to your computer

Have you considered where you might want to display your child’s unicorn… and yours?!

Children absolutely love it when parents put their drawings and creations on the wall for all to see!πŸ–ΌοΈ

Step 11: Complete her/his tail!

Right-click & ‘save-as’ to your computer

πŸŽ‰Woo-hooooo! Confetti and sparkle fireworks everywhere! Time to celebrate!

You have both completed your unicorns! (Unicorn dance going on…)

Step 12: Pen over your pencil lines and erase the grid…

πŸ‘‰One last thing, though, before you go on to colour your pictures. You need to carefully go over your drawings with a marker pen/felt-tip… then once those lines are properly dry, gently erase the grid lines.

πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„NOW… you are ready to colour in your super-cute unicorn!!!!πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„

I’d LOVE to see what you and your young artist create! Please feel happy to tag me in on your unicorn photos on INSTAGRAM. Use the following tag and I shall see it πŸ™‚ #sarahshoredesigns Or feel free to share your experience with this guide in the comments below! Thank you πŸ™‚

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And here is a super-sweet certificate you can print-out for your child upon completion of their awesome drawing!!!
Right-click & ‘save-as’ to your computer