Very Easy Drawing 4 Kids + Fun Art Tutorials for You!


Hello! First of all, thank you for being here. I know you have a lot going on and you’re super-busy, so I’m grateful you’re taking your time to look around my site 🙂

I create free printable colouring pages & very easy drawing 4 kids tutorials on this blog as my way of helping younger Mums enjoy more creativity with their children.

I also create cute clipart for young, busy Mums who are looking at making personalized gifts, pretty party invites (& so much more) as well as easy-to-do fun projects Mums can enjoy with their little ones.

Being a work-at-home Mum of two myself, I have also created these images for amazing Mums wanting to start a creative side hustle… they can simply drag-&-drop my proven “child-friendly” designs onto ‘print-on-demand’ products and profit from them!

For the past 20+ years, I have been helping Mums entertain their children through fun art classes in-person, as well as creating imagery for stationery ranges and children’s books that have sold in Waterstones, Clinton Cards, and many more.

Evie & I outside Hobbycraft before our first art club session!
The art club was a very packed one, full of ideas and fun!
One young artist painting her self portrait she’d drawn the week before 🙂

My mission has been to spread happy art around the world, encourage children to expand their imaginations, and help Mums fit joyful creative time into their schedules with ease!

Having juggled being a single Mum and raising two girls as well as working, I know how busy life can get! I also truly believe that fitting in time for creativity – (however small) – can do wonders for calming the mind and helping you reset; ready to take on the challenges of motherhood!

I live in sunny Devon, Uk, with my two girls, Katie & Evie and our little Poppy -who you might recognise… I doodled her onto my logo 🙂

My eldest, Katie & I
My youngest, Evie & I
Poppy… Otherwise known as Popster!


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