👻I absolutely LOVE Halloween!👻

I’ve hosted countless parties for my children and their friends (and their parents :D) over the years.🕯️

I LOVE creating the weirdest food 🕷️combinations (I’ll save those for another post!)

And it used to take me ALL DAY to get the whole house ready for the party. (Yes, WHOLE day, WHOLE house! I loved it so much, I contemplated going into halloween party consultancy!) 😀

I love halloween so much, I’ve even created this spooky little story/scenario for you…

Read on and see if you can relate!


The Nightmare on Halloween Night! (‘Twas A Fright!)

A Little Ghost Story…

There’s a chill in the air and the moonlight casts an eerie glow over your neighbourhood…

🎃The scent of sweet pumpkins and candy floss wafts past your long stuck-on-witches-nose and you hug yourself tighter in your oversized cardigan.🎃

You smile in excitement as you think of your children’s fresh faces lighting up when they see all the cool food you’ve made them for their spooky party tonight.

You can’t help but chuckle at the thought of them brimming with eagerness as they get ready in their fancy dress outfits, talking about all the spooky games they will be enjoying soon.

But oh no! What if they run out of things to do? You don’t want to hear those dreaded words whispered by your children’s friends: “This is a boring halloween party!”


🐈Even the family cat has slunk behind the sofa, shaking. (And so has the dog!)🐕

But Never Fear! 👻This Ghost Story Has a Happy Ending!

☺️Colouring pages are here to save your night –(and your reputation!) for hosting the most awesome, spook-tacular (said in a vampire accent!) halloween party there ever was!

Colouring-in is a great party filler activity when there’s a lull… it’s surprising how even the most energetic, over-excited of children start to wind down a little after the amount of candy sweets they devour!

So without further ado, following are 2 FREE Spooky colouring pages you can download and print out. These will help your party-spooks take a little ‘time-out’ and refresh!

Simply right-click on each image below, click ‘Save As’ and download to your computer. Print-out as many as you like!

Right-Click & ‘Save-As’ to your computer

>>>SIDE NOTE: Please keep my web address intact on these colouring pages, and just a friendly reminder that the designs are by me, so I retain the copyright. Please do not re-use these images in any other projects (on or offline) other than for colouring-in purposes. You can, however share these colouring pages ‘as-is’ with fellow halloween enthusiasts, on and offline, to share the colouring fun! Thank you! Enjoy! Sarah.<<<

Right-Click & ‘Save-As’ to your computer